The Missed Education of Social Media

wizard of oz - dorothy and glinda

Social media is everywhere around us. We cannot escape it but embrace it. People want to feel loved and connected to others. People want to show off their talents, brag about accomplishments and portray all their drama. Everywhere you go it is.. tweet this, hashtag this, and facebook me at….. It is a new drug where it is hard to stay clean and sometimes sober. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with social media. Why should I have a problem when my background is in Public Relations. I feel that social media is starting to become this overpowering machine that has a tight hold of minds of normal citizens.
I first came in contact with social media through a small site called facebook. I was a freshman in college back in August 2004 when I heard about this site. I had no clue what it is or what it is to become. Facebook, then, was a site where college students connected with other college students. It was a place where you found so some of your high school friends whom you connected with over the years. It was simple. You had groups. You shared pictures. It was innocent and fun. Back then, the only way you can get a facebook account if you attended college. It was site strictly for college students. NOW, HOLY SHITBALLS, everybody is on facebook not only your friends, co-workers, teachers, parents and even pastors. LAWD JESUS even he has a page. It has become a zoo but all the cages are unlocked. People are putting their lives, dreams, and all of their drama on facebook. My timeline is always flooded with complete chaos, or vain people posting every picture of them (I’m guilty). Don’t you hate it when people make their life on facebook so awesome when in reality they spineless human beings that loathe in turmoil. I remember when facebook was a place you posted random thoughts like, “I’m going to class today with my pjs.” After your post, sixty other college students would like it. The times were simple. All the drama was on MySpace which was a page originally created with musicians but it became a phenomenon among people who couldn’t access facebook. The added perk was you could add music to it. Was that so grand??? Since, facebook opened the floodgates to everyone and their mama literally; people are losing their sane mind over these posts. I am firm believer in privacy and not letting everybody into your personal space. Jesus trusted Judas and see what happened there. I mean whatever thoughts people are thinking you know it on facebook. You have so many characters on facebook it is like a daytime soap, You have….
The Inspiring model The Liker
The Victim The Promoter
The Hated One The Rooster
Trust me these people take their jobs very seriously…hahaha( in the Elmer Fudd voice).
I wish for a day where things can go back to normal but that dream is highly impossible as long as mark zuckerberg is making that good money. We will have to deal with it. I want to divorce my facebook but I have connections through my nonprofit organization and plus I’m in public relations so I can’t let go…..
Today, people want to broadcast their every moment in life like it is a reality show and they want to feel connected to celebrities they adorn. Unless, Chris Brown is going loan me money for my student loans to repay then there is not any reason I need to connect with him. On the other hand, I guess some people are searching for important validation from their peers to feel special. Thus, they have to say this on facebook, tweet this thought and Instagram this photo of them doing nothing. Our generation thrives on the sense of belonging or being a part of a particular group. We say to the world I AM HERE. I AM IMPORTANT. There are other gripes I have with social media sites such as twitter, Instagram, and foursquare. I have not tried vine, path or socialcam, google plus because honestly I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT ….THERE!!!!
Foursquare was introduced to me by a good friend of mine. My first thought was what the hell is it? It is a social media site where you check in to the place where you are currently at. At first, I was game and checked in everywhere even in the comfort of my own home. Afterwards, I thought what if someone who truly hates me wants to kill me. This is person has access to my life 24/7. What was there to gain by checking into these places on foursquare? Points and Perks to gain some title that given to by foursquare …really. No thank you foursquare I will pass.
Twitter was something that was required of me to have as junior in college by one of my journalism classes. Once again my thought was…What the hell is this? So, I only have a 140 characters to say something meaningful and include a hashtag behind it. I thought to myself it was texting but on the computer. Later, I grown to love twitter like a stepson and began to engage in conversations. I mainly used twitter for the latest news, daily quotes and see what scandals broke out the celebrity world. Since then, I have fell off twitter because once again was not interesting. There is always some twitter beef or killing of celebrities so I gave twitter the deuces.
Instagram is probably one of the social media sites I am on right now. I like because it is nothing but pictures. It is some mild drama but nevertheless nothing but pictures. I love it. On Instagram, I can see some underground designers and candid shots of some of the celebrities I like. There has been some craziness about Instagram deleting accounts and selling your pictures but nothing diabolical as yet. I do believe Instagram and facebook will create Skynet…. Overall Instagram is ok with me …. For now
In the end, social media has become a gateway for people to explore different avenues, create new personalities, and achieve instant stardom. Can social media destroy the core values instill in us or can it rob us of our identity buried in our souls? I urge you not to rapture yourselves in circus whereas new acts are replaced every day. Use social media but use it wisely because whether you know it or not big brother is watching. I do wish for a day where people can fall from the desirable trance of social media and enjoy the important things in life. Until then, I will wish and dream….. THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME, THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME.