Who In The Hell Left The Gate Open? My Review BBW episode

Well, I was hanging out with my friends at our usual spot on a Monday night when the debauchery on television happened. I was not at home to view the episode but with the  colorful Facebook and Twitter commentaries from my friends and followers. I had see what is was really going on. I was thinking to myself, what could be worst than Evelyn throwing bottles and jumping on top tables ? I stand corrected what would occurr was worst than that.

Usually, I don’t have a particular show I watch faithfully besides Unsung on a Monday. I did used to watch Basketball Wives regularly when show first premiered a couple of years ago. I thought the concept of ex-ballers wives was intriguing concept especially when the show’s creator Shaunie O’Neal was married to one of biggest NBA players in the game. I had my picks and opinions about women who graced the show. Lately, some of the celebrities like Wendy Williams and Sherri Shepherd are speaking out against the show. In my opinion, I thought that the show was losing some of its essence. It was not entertaining anymore to me to say the least. The madness between these grown a** women was a bewildering sight to see. Who acts like this? Just like the Real Housewives of Atlanta some of the people in the show seem to play heavily on the public’s perception of them.  We knew already who was going to do what on the show. It was like watching a circus where the characters never changed.  It seems like some of  the people on BBW was trying to get a little  bit more attention this year on the show so they can promote spin offs or products.  Good Job Evelyn and Jenn!!!

There is something about Tami…….

The person who I absolutely loved to watch the most was Tami Roman. She was on the cast of MTV Real World in mind I think was the first reality show. What I liked about Tami is that she was real. She told the truth about her lifestyle, being on food stamps and like drinking Bud Light. I could identify with Tami as far being blunt and the anger management issues back in the day. As some people could see, Tami will defend herself at drop of a hat. In her famous phrase, ” See that right there is going get you popped” served as a warning before the Wrath of Roman came upon you. Tami admitted during the show that she had a tremulous childhood and upbringings caused her going into these spats of rages. Tami would tell her counterparts to confront her first before you go to anyone else. They never seem adhere to what she says. Meanwhile, they talk to  Suzie, who can’t  hold water to save her life, about Tami in the result she tells Tami. I understand Tami’s point of view meanwhile she should not go pop off on every little opinion said about her that is not acceptable. As the old saying goes, ” It’s not what people call you. It’s what you answer to.” When I saw how Tami treated ,the new wife and cast member, Keisha by withholding her purse , I was floored. I HAVE NEVER SEEN MADDNESS LIKE THIS BEFORE. I could not even watch the whole episode.  I was sick to the bottom of stomach. The basis of the conflict was pointless and stupid. So she said she would go off on you.  So what?!?! You didn’t have to take her purse. There’s have to be something   deeper than that for the anger to build up to the point whereas there is a possible act of violence that could occur.

I once too was a Tami….

I know and feel where Tami is coming from because I’ve been in that situation before. I have gotten into an altercation with a mutual friend over something in the end was pointless. Although, I didn’t threaten to do body harm to them openly but the way I carried out the situation was immature. I sat down carefully evaluated where all this anger stemmed from. I realized it came from previous little encounters that I never addressed and it became an unsettled monster. The smallest thing sent me through the roof. After a year of evaluation, I realized that I have wasted time and energy on matter that could had a better outcome. I reacted without thinking and did not use logic. I think that Tami should evaluate the meat of beef between her Keisha and find a common ground. In the end, can’t we all just get along.

Don’t Place The Blame on Tami. There are others….

Tami issued an apology on Twitter the night the episode aired. I recently tried to find her on Twitter and it said “User Not Found.” I guess from all the backlash received she decided to temporary delete her account. Here is Tami’s statement from of my good friend website Ronaldmatters.com

“I just landed in NYC, but I did catch 2nites episode on the plane. As I said earlier, this was BAD, wrong & immature-I apologize…I’m not proud of my behavior, but I own up to it and face it. I do apologize 2my family, my friends, my kids & 2 my cast members.The supporters who have been there, I’m sorry I let U down-this was not handled properly & I felt bad THEN and now. I simply ask that U b respectful 2my kids-they R NOT on BBW & do not control my actions on the show. Don’t become what U criticize. I would have blogged this but I wanted 2 address it as soon as I landed. Accept it or not, I acknowledge & apologize to ALL involved”

I tweeted Tami that night and told her that I respect that she acknowledge her wrong doing and that we are all human. Don’t put all of your focus on Tami Roman!!! There are others behind the scene who are held responsible. All throughout the episode, the women were backing Tami up on keeping Keisha’s purse. Evelyn was making a joke about some sunglasses she had in her possession and Shaunie  watch the train wreck happened. Rewind back, the girls plotted to put dead fish the other women’s’ rooms. So we are in high school now??? This is what grown women with money do in their spare time. Oh Hell To The No!!!!!! (RIP Whitney Houston). Let’s look behind the scenes  and see who is at fault?
I think everyone is at fault. I look at the whole Tami/Keisha situation like this… Have you ever been in a grocery store and seen a bad child just doing everything out-of-order? You don’t blame the child. You look at the parent not stepping up and taming that child. I look at Basketball Wives fiasco as a child and production company/creator the responsible parent. I’m sure that there were people in place to have a say what is shown on the air. I maybe wrong but please let me know. Nobody saw this as a problem before until some of the advertisers pulled  their funding. All I’m saying , someone should have stepped up and prevented this from happening. People in reality show business are not concerned about content or relevance.  They are only concerned about ratings, more ratings, money, and more money. As along as they got people who are willing to show their ass on national television then the show will go on.

What Can You Do????