M.E.M.P.H.I.S. : A city plagued by race , poverty, and corruption.

Beautiful city in images but in reality it is living nightmare


“Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed
    and establishes a town by injustice!
13 Has not the Lord Almighty determined
    that the people’s labor is only fuel for the fire,
    that the nations exhaust themselves for nothing?  Habakkuk 2:12-13

A city, a town , and a neighborhood I proudly called home. I would say it loud and proud, ” I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee”. Whenever I made this statement people would ask me generalized questions about Beale Street, Barbecue and Blues. This was home sweet home and it had a special place in heart. Once upon a time, the city I lived in loved each other of course we had our problems like any other city. We were proud a city which thrive on our accomplishments and had the ambition to prove the world wrong. Now, I can’t even call this once beloved city home anymore because it has become one big poverty, racial-biased and uneducated war zone. Who there to blame for the decline of my city? The people who still choose to live here.

I know this come to shock that an actual citizen is saying negative things about the city. For me, this post and my opinions are long overdue. So much, I do mean so much has happened in the city for a couple months. According to a Huffington Post  article 10 Most Dangerous Cities in America, Memphis is among the top five in fact WE ARE THIRD MOST DANGEROUS CITY . We have people and dirty politicians, who used to worked for county but got to the city became corrupted, have on rose-colored about the mere perception of Memphis as good. The city of Memphis has not or probably never will address these three things race, poverty and corruption.


When I was a little girl, my grandmother always told me the day Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated here on April 4, 1968, the city of Memphis will never be the same. She told me it was a like curse came over the city and people have been stuck in the racially enslaved mindset of the sixties. As a little girl, I did not believe it . I thought everyone loved everybody. As the older I got and traveled to other states, I would say Memphis is the most if not top racist cities in America. Everything is about color about race . Why is everyone so fixated on race? Most recent news in city of Memphis which made national headlines about Memphis police officer killed on Saturday August 1, 2015 during a traffic stop. Officer Sean Bolton responded to a car parked in a particular place. The shooter Tremaine Wilbourn shot the officer multiple times. As reported, he had two grams of marijuana on him and on probation. Monday August 3, 2015, Wilbourn turned himself in to police. This was in plight when Memphis Police Director Tony Armstrong put out massive hunt and publicly calling the shooter a “coward”.

In light of the situation, the city has not been more divided on race than ever. You have one side saying the shooter deserve the death penalty and never been on streets at all. On the other hand, there is another side claiming the shooter acted in self-defense and this payback for all the police brutality among African Americans. In the light of the black lives matter movement, this year has been a year police brutality ending in murder and killer walking free. Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Gardner and here in Memphis Daurrius Stewart all have been the catalyst behind the black lives matter movement.  I do agree black lives do matter but do we scream that when black man kills another black man.  Two weeks ago, a teenager in my city ,who was about to go to college ,was killed over a basketball game by another black man. Where is the uproar on black lives matter?  This madness need to stop. We as citizens definitely need to stop looking at everything through black and white lenses. Race is not always issue but there are other contributing factors.  Do I believe racism still exists? Hell yeah, it still exists. The reason it still exists because of people with a close-minded attitude passing their ignorance to next generation and sensationalized by media coverage, which adds fuel to the fire. The beast of racism will always exist if only if we allow it to.


Poverty has always been the bastard issue that is lightly addressed. If you live in Memphis, you can make the ends meet if work for particular companies such as FedEx, Methodist, & Baptist hospitals and most importantly the city government.  If your degree or specialty falls outside the bubble, you are screwed.  Trust me , I personally know. The poverty rate in Memphis is 27.7%(35th highest) and there are 82.5% adults with high-school diplomas (82nd lowest) according to the Huffington Post. These stats tell me there is need for education. When I was growing up, my grandmother made sure I obtain not only high-school diploma but a college degree. My grandmother was a sharecropper and only obtained an eighth-grade level education. The city should pour their money into educational programs for adults instead of stuffing it in their pockets. On the other hand, people don’t need to wait on the government to educate, feed and take care of child. If you are able to part your eyes in the morning, you are master of destiny. Get up and make the necessary changes to make life for you better.  I encourage you those who are not from Memphis to take a drive around the city. Don’t travel to the Downtown Memphis area or Graceland but go North and South Memphis to see what I see. It hurts to me to see children to come to school because that is the only time they can eat. Come on, we got to do better.


Political corruption ain’t that America. It is alive and well in Memphis. It is my opinion the city as a whole would do so much better if they fire everyone. We have the same city leaders doing the same thing absolutely nothing. They sit in their chairs, get the perks and collect a check a fat one too. I urge the citizens of Memphis to vote all these folks out. Until then, we have the same stuff but a different day. As far as the current mayor of Memphis, A.C. Wharton, my opinion is it is time to turn off A.C. in this city. That’s all. This happens because once again we allow it to happen. Everyone is comfortable in their safety net until danger or trouble knocks on your door. Corruption will continue to go on until we finally exercise our right to vote instead of standing in line for some Jordans.

I feel this place is not home to me anymore. With all violence happening everyday, I have consider moving my family somewhere safe. It hurts me to core  my city has become what is war zone. Instead of teaching the children how to resolve a conflict, you have tell  them how dodge bullets and play dead if someone is shooting. This is not living not for me, for citizens and definitely for the average human being.

To citizens and politicians of Memphis,

It is high time for you to wake up or this city and everyone in it parish day by day.

What will be left of this mecca of the south? NOTHING






Holy Grail Spilled Over : COGIC v LGBT community


You curse my name
In spite to put me to shame
Have my laundry in the streets
Dirty or clean
Give it up for fame
But I still don’t know why
Why I love it so much

– Jay-Z

Well…………where can I start….

On Sunday November 9, 2014, I was at the drive-in with my family watching Big Hero 6. So, I happened to pick my Samsung note and go through my facebook feed. My dear college buddy and fellow blogger Ronald Matters *shameless plug www.ronaldmatters.com * posted a video about 107th COGIC convention about a gay man being delivered from homosexuality. I watched the clip like others for pure entertainment. I thought to myself, “This is going to blow over by the morning.” I was so wrong since we are living in social media/viral world we have become today. Monday morning, all hell has broken loose and started a holy war. I think this almost bad as wars we fought in the past. On one side, you have LGBT community and other side you have religious people. Baby, it has been some name calling, sentencing people to hell shade throwing extravaganza. In the midst of all the smoke, there is deep wound that is left to be healed.

For those who know me, I am an advocate for the LBGT community some of my best friends are a part of that community. I have  been raised love people no matter what background or sexual orientation. We are all precious in his sight. The concept that sickens me mostly in the church is   is placing one sin higher than other. Trust, I have not yet met a human being who have walked this earth and not sinned. Who am I judge or cast the first stone? I am from Memphis where the COGIC first stated by Bishop Charles Mason. I known the COGIC community to be saved, sanctified and filled with Holy Ghost. As I have always been told by my parents. On the other hand, I have some terrible stories about people being shunned from this community due to their life choices.  It amazing the most brutal and hateful acts can come within the church. The only thing I have against the COGIC church all the hats, diamonds and furs they draped themselves in. Jesus didn’t have diamonds and furs….I am not perfect Christian and I am not on the platform to preach. This clip shown on YouTube and has now gain over thousand views caused this wound to be open again.

There has always been disconnect with LGBT community and church. You have one side saying, “Love me accept me for who I am.” Then you have the other side saying, ” What you have chosen to be is not acceptable in God’s eye.” This caused a lot of people not just gay but straight to stray away from the church and seek peace on their own terms. It like a brick wall that blocking a bridge for peace and understand between the sides. Although, the Berlin Wall has been torn down for years now, this wall seems to be unbreakable. We continue to put drapes on it by covering up who we really are only to be accepted by people who frankly does not give a damn about us. We continue to paint the wall with lies from the past and one-sided scriptures.  It’s no longer a wall it is apart of the house now. It will take a person to say enough is enough with the Tom foolery and bring in hardcore facts.

Here are my thoughts; I don’t know what this young man was going through. It is not in place to know that is between him and God.  I do have a spirit of discernment and part of me believes him. What he was delivered from still hangs and the balance. Although,   I must say I never seen a bowtie like his. *sips tea* I urge this is not the time to play judge and jury over how people choose to live. Whether you know it or not, we are living in the last days, it is time to get your house in order. As a community, we must come together and hear both sides of the story and find a solution. If we let our close-minded thinking rule as a number one factor on accepting all people then we will forever be lost. I ask put the weapons down and come together on something. Love is key and all that matters.

I’ll end this story with Frankie Beverly and Maze …. listen to lyrics.

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Upgrade U….. #Instagramvids

Since yesterday,  I wrote a story about The Missed Education of Social Media  whereas I spoke  about how social media has strayed away from its orignal purpose. In my story, I gave accolades to Instagram on being nothing more than posting pictures. As of today, Instagram  has let the floods gates opened by adding video. Now, on instagram you can add a 15 second video about anything.  Iphone users can record and view videos. Android users can only view videos as of now. So, now everybody is about to record everything and I do mean everything. We are going to witness some twerking videos, fights, and  Instagram beefs. Who knows!!!!  My prediction is that instagram is going to turn into another world star hip site. (no offense)  We about see the real s#$t go viral. So, strap on your seatbelts because this ride is going to be beyond crazy.

Let the games began.

May the cards ever be in your favor dear.


The Missed Education of Social Media

wizard of oz - dorothy and glinda

Social media is everywhere around us. We cannot escape it but embrace it. People want to feel loved and connected to others. People want to show off their talents, brag about accomplishments and portray all their drama. Everywhere you go it is.. tweet this, hashtag this, and facebook me at….. It is a new drug where it is hard to stay clean and sometimes sober. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with social media. Why should I have a problem when my background is in Public Relations. I feel that social media is starting to become this overpowering machine that has a tight hold of minds of normal citizens.
I first came in contact with social media through a small site called facebook. I was a freshman in college back in August 2004 when I heard about this site. I had no clue what it is or what it is to become. Facebook, then, was a site where college students connected with other college students. It was a place where you found so some of your high school friends whom you connected with over the years. It was simple. You had groups. You shared pictures. It was innocent and fun. Back then, the only way you can get a facebook account if you attended college. It was site strictly for college students. NOW, HOLY SHITBALLS, everybody is on facebook not only your friends, co-workers, teachers, parents and even pastors. LAWD JESUS even he has a page. It has become a zoo but all the cages are unlocked. People are putting their lives, dreams, and all of their drama on facebook. My timeline is always flooded with complete chaos, or vain people posting every picture of them (I’m guilty). Don’t you hate it when people make their life on facebook so awesome when in reality they spineless human beings that loathe in turmoil. I remember when facebook was a place you posted random thoughts like, “I’m going to class today with my pjs.” After your post, sixty other college students would like it. The times were simple. All the drama was on MySpace which was a page originally created with musicians but it became a phenomenon among people who couldn’t access facebook. The added perk was you could add music to it. Was that so grand??? Since, facebook opened the floodgates to everyone and their mama literally; people are losing their sane mind over these posts. I am firm believer in privacy and not letting everybody into your personal space. Jesus trusted Judas and see what happened there. I mean whatever thoughts people are thinking you know it on facebook. You have so many characters on facebook it is like a daytime soap, You have….
The Inspiring model The Liker
The Victim The Promoter
The Hated One The Rooster
Trust me these people take their jobs very seriously…hahaha( in the Elmer Fudd voice).
I wish for a day where things can go back to normal but that dream is highly impossible as long as mark zuckerberg is making that good money. We will have to deal with it. I want to divorce my facebook but I have connections through my nonprofit organization and plus I’m in public relations so I can’t let go…..
Today, people want to broadcast their every moment in life like it is a reality show and they want to feel connected to celebrities they adorn. Unless, Chris Brown is going loan me money for my student loans to repay then there is not any reason I need to connect with him. On the other hand, I guess some people are searching for important validation from their peers to feel special. Thus, they have to say this on facebook, tweet this thought and Instagram this photo of them doing nothing. Our generation thrives on the sense of belonging or being a part of a particular group. We say to the world I AM HERE. I AM IMPORTANT. There are other gripes I have with social media sites such as twitter, Instagram, and foursquare. I have not tried vine, path or socialcam, google plus because honestly I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT ….THERE!!!!
Foursquare was introduced to me by a good friend of mine. My first thought was what the hell is it? It is a social media site where you check in to the place where you are currently at. At first, I was game and checked in everywhere even in the comfort of my own home. Afterwards, I thought what if someone who truly hates me wants to kill me. This is person has access to my life 24/7. What was there to gain by checking into these places on foursquare? Points and Perks to gain some title that given to by foursquare …really. No thank you foursquare I will pass.
Twitter was something that was required of me to have as junior in college by one of my journalism classes. Once again my thought was…What the hell is this? So, I only have a 140 characters to say something meaningful and include a hashtag behind it. I thought to myself it was texting but on the computer. Later, I grown to love twitter like a stepson and began to engage in conversations. I mainly used twitter for the latest news, daily quotes and see what scandals broke out the celebrity world. Since then, I have fell off twitter because once again was not interesting. There is always some twitter beef or killing of celebrities so I gave twitter the deuces.
Instagram is probably one of the social media sites I am on right now. I like because it is nothing but pictures. It is some mild drama but nevertheless nothing but pictures. I love it. On Instagram, I can see some underground designers and candid shots of some of the celebrities I like. There has been some craziness about Instagram deleting accounts and selling your pictures but nothing diabolical as yet. I do believe Instagram and facebook will create Skynet…. Overall Instagram is ok with me …. For now
In the end, social media has become a gateway for people to explore different avenues, create new personalities, and achieve instant stardom. Can social media destroy the core values instill in us or can it rob us of our identity buried in our souls? I urge you not to rapture yourselves in circus whereas new acts are replaced every day. Use social media but use it wisely because whether you know it or not big brother is watching. I do wish for a day where people can fall from the desirable trance of social media and enjoy the important things in life. Until then, I will wish and dream….. THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME, THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

Suicide becomes social!!!!



The world we live in has come down to this. Mental Illness is a serious issue that cannot be ignored any longer.  Being a person who have been through depression, it is hard road but it feels like you can travel it alone. Please pay attention to signs before it’s too late.

Death To The New Year Resolution…Start a Campaign !!!!!


Let us put an end to pointless New Year Resolutions…Start a Campaign. What I mean by that is to make a progressive plan towards a specific purpose this 2013 year. When I say progressive, I mean you are constantly working on achieving your goal and not starting and stopping after three weeks. It’s your time… Be Bold and Become a movement!!!

Steps to start your campaign.

  1. Create a simple plan. (Make plain and attainable to reach)
  2. Write your goal down and make it visible. (Use a card, sticky note or sheet a paper and write your goal for 2013 and place it somewhere where you can see it each day.)
  3. Do your research (Before embarking on a new project or relationship, make sure you do your homework and decide if  this is the best fit for you.)
  4. Close the revolving door. ( People that like to pop in and out your life gotta go!!!! You can wave at them from the window. )
  5. Have a Tiger mentality. Be Bold and Unafraid
  6. Take small steps to achieve a bigger goal.
  7. Surround yourself with innovate people. (Leeches and Snakes gotta go in 2013)
  8. Free your mind from social media clutter. (Don’t “troll”to long on Facebook)
  9. Stop It… Damn what they think!!! ( Don’t worry about other people just do you.)
  10. Kill complacency
  11. Keep Calm and enjoy life….