Legalize Gay: America’s Worst Nightmare

Being gay nowadays seems like it is worldwide trending topic where every person no matter what race, creed, or religious background chime in on this issue. Everyone has an opinion even CEOs from fortune 500 companies *grabs Chick-fil-a sandwich*.  People are raising major hell about same-sex marriage when the truth is there are greater things at hand we need to considerate on  like the education system, poverty, taxing the poor and letting the rich get away with murder, and making higher education impossible to afford. (SCREAM ALOUD DON’T DOUBLE MY RATE DAMN IT!!!)

Today, Americans are roaming the streets and declaring  homosexuality is the ultimate abomination and it is a clear sign of the nation predicted demise.  From the Chick-fil-a  chicken clucking crisis to Newsweek magazine declaring President Obama as the first gay president, people have decided to enforce their good Christian values on the issue. It highly irritates  me when these “closet christians”  are openly chastising these people  when they haven’t done anything wrong.  For some of you who don’t know what a closet christian is let me elaborate.  A “closet christian” is a person who proclaims to be a Christian but does any and everything under the sun  but as soon a highly taboo topic hits the surface they are first ones to judge and have criticizing opinion. When in the bible I read, all sin is the same unless there is a new version that says different.  There are so many problems going on in our society  to get outwardly outraged about instead of battling on if two people of the same-sex wants to get married. I have friends who are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and even trans-gender but I’m not in their face 24/7 telling them how to live their life that is their choice. I would not want someone else to tell me how to live by life by someone else set normal standards.  My belief  is at the end of the day  no matter what their race, class, gender, or sexual orientation  one thing remains constant is they are human first.  The last time I checked,  every human being  deserves to be treated  with  decency and  respect.  I guess it depends in America the only way you can earn that right is by how much money you make and what type of power you possess.

Many people think  homosexuality  could destroy the  pure foundation of marriage.  Hmmmmm …… is interesting  one factor could destroy the whole foundation of marriage. If people believed in the foundation of marriage there would be no: single-parent homes(among women),  boothangs, booty calls/one-night stands, teenage pregnancy and baby mammas and daddies. It says in the bible it is better to marry than burn with passion but sexual transmitted diseases and infant morality is at all-time high. Same-sex marriage would destroy the foundation of marriage when getting married is not even an option anymore to some people . Think about that…..

Here is Pastor’s opinion on how same-sex marriage will destroy families.

Some say this issue will discredit marriage  when we still allow Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez date and marry as many people as they please within a 72 days time period. REALLY!!!!!!

Here is my opinion on homosexuality, I believe it’s an issue that  is exaggerated among people and the media. To report about people and parties bickering on the issue,  it is the media sweet wet dream for ratings. I feel whatever a person does in the privacy of  their home is their business and whatever higher source they believe in. In the end of the day, we will all be judged on the same playing field according to our actions done here on earth. So why judge and cast them out? You should embrace them, encourage them and more importantly pray for them.  We have all fallen short and did some things in our past that we are not proud of. I will say this when you are pointing the finger at the person or even the president remember you have three fingers pointing back at you. Respect the person and their decision on living outside the norm because that is someone daughter, son, brother, or sister  . As Christians, we need to show more compassion and less protesting action. They are living in unfair  world where they are under scrutiny everyday. I say this if you don’t like my opinion on homosexuality, my response is ” Ye who is without sin cast the first stone. I ‘m waiting “……(Drops the mic. Exit stage left)

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