Holy Grail Spilled Over : COGIC v LGBT community


You curse my name
In spite to put me to shame
Have my laundry in the streets
Dirty or clean
Give it up for fame
But I still don’t know why
Why I love it so much

– Jay-Z

Well…………where can I start….

On Sunday November 9, 2014, I was at the drive-in with my family watching Big Hero 6. So, I happened to pick my Samsung note and go through my facebook feed. My dear college buddy and fellow blogger Ronald Matters *shameless plug www.ronaldmatters.com * posted a video about 107th COGIC convention about a gay man being delivered from homosexuality. I watched the clip like others for pure entertainment. I thought to myself, “This is going to blow over by the morning.” I was so wrong since we are living in social media/viral world we have become today. Monday morning, all hell has broken loose and started a holy war. I think this almost bad as wars we fought in the past. On one side, you have LGBT community and other side you have religious people. Baby, it has been some name calling, sentencing people to hell shade throwing extravaganza. In the midst of all the smoke, there is deep wound that is left to be healed.

For those who know me, I am an advocate for the LBGT community some of my best friends are a part of that community. I have  been raised love people no matter what background or sexual orientation. We are all precious in his sight. The concept that sickens me mostly in the church is   is placing one sin higher than other. Trust, I have not yet met a human being who have walked this earth and not sinned. Who am I judge or cast the first stone? I am from Memphis where the COGIC first stated by Bishop Charles Mason. I known the COGIC community to be saved, sanctified and filled with Holy Ghost. As I have always been told by my parents. On the other hand, I have some terrible stories about people being shunned from this community due to their life choices.  It amazing the most brutal and hateful acts can come within the church. The only thing I have against the COGIC church all the hats, diamonds and furs they draped themselves in. Jesus didn’t have diamonds and furs….I am not perfect Christian and I am not on the platform to preach. This clip shown on YouTube and has now gain over thousand views caused this wound to be open again.

There has always been disconnect with LGBT community and church. You have one side saying, “Love me accept me for who I am.” Then you have the other side saying, ” What you have chosen to be is not acceptable in God’s eye.” This caused a lot of people not just gay but straight to stray away from the church and seek peace on their own terms. It like a brick wall that blocking a bridge for peace and understand between the sides. Although, the Berlin Wall has been torn down for years now, this wall seems to be unbreakable. We continue to put drapes on it by covering up who we really are only to be accepted by people who frankly does not give a damn about us. We continue to paint the wall with lies from the past and one-sided scriptures.  It’s no longer a wall it is apart of the house now. It will take a person to say enough is enough with the Tom foolery and bring in hardcore facts.

Here are my thoughts; I don’t know what this young man was going through. It is not in place to know that is between him and God.  I do have a spirit of discernment and part of me believes him. What he was delivered from still hangs and the balance. Although,   I must say I never seen a bowtie like his. *sips tea* I urge this is not the time to play judge and jury over how people choose to live. Whether you know it or not, we are living in the last days, it is time to get your house in order. As a community, we must come together and hear both sides of the story and find a solution. If we let our close-minded thinking rule as a number one factor on accepting all people then we will forever be lost. I ask put the weapons down and come together on something. Love is key and all that matters.

I’ll end this story with Frankie Beverly and Maze …. listen to lyrics.

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A Voice That Cries In The Dark : My story about depression

Rest In Peace Mindy McCready and Don Cornelius

I am sharing my personal story about my battle with depression. There are a lot of people going through depression. According to NAMI, about 1 and 10 americans suffered from some form of depression. The sad part is about more than half don’t recieve the proper care they need. Here is my story I hope it will help someone else. If you would like to share your story please email me at TiffanyReneeBlogs@gmail.com. For information about depression please visit NAMI.ORG.  Love you

Rest In Peace Mindy McCready and Don Cornelius.

Legalize Gay: America’s Worst Nightmare

Being gay nowadays seems like it is worldwide trending topic where every person no matter what race, creed, or religious background chime in on this issue. Everyone has an opinion even CEOs from fortune 500 companies *grabs Chick-fil-a sandwich*.  People are raising major hell about same-sex marriage when the truth is there are greater things at hand we need to considerate on  like the education system, poverty, taxing the poor and letting the rich get away with murder, and making higher education impossible to afford. (SCREAM ALOUD DON’T DOUBLE MY RATE DAMN IT!!!)

Today, Americans are roaming the streets and declaring  homosexuality is the ultimate abomination and it is a clear sign of the nation predicted demise.  From the Chick-fil-a  chicken clucking crisis to Newsweek magazine declaring President Obama as the first gay president, people have decided to enforce their good Christian values on the issue. It highly irritates  me when these “closet christians”  are openly chastising these people  when they haven’t done anything wrong.  For some of you who don’t know what a closet christian is let me elaborate.  A “closet christian” is a person who proclaims to be a Christian but does any and everything under the sun  but as soon a highly taboo topic hits the surface they are first ones to judge and have criticizing opinion. When in the bible I read, all sin is the same unless there is a new version that says different.  There are so many problems going on in our society  to get outwardly outraged about instead of battling on if two people of the same-sex wants to get married. I have friends who are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and even trans-gender but I’m not in their face 24/7 telling them how to live their life that is their choice. I would not want someone else to tell me how to live by life by someone else set normal standards.  My belief  is at the end of the day  no matter what their race, class, gender, or sexual orientation  one thing remains constant is they are human first.  The last time I checked,  every human being  deserves to be treated  with  decency and  respect.  I guess it depends in America the only way you can earn that right is by how much money you make and what type of power you possess.

Many people think  homosexuality  could destroy the  pure foundation of marriage.  Hmmmmm ……..it is interesting  one factor could destroy the whole foundation of marriage. If people believed in the foundation of marriage there would be no: single-parent homes(among women),  boothangs, booty calls/one-night stands, teenage pregnancy and baby mammas and daddies. It says in the bible it is better to marry than burn with passion but sexual transmitted diseases and infant morality is at all-time high. Same-sex marriage would destroy the foundation of marriage when getting married is not even an option anymore to some people . Think about that…..

Here is Pastor’s opinion on how same-sex marriage will destroy families.


Some say this issue will discredit marriage  when we still allow Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez date and marry as many people as they please within a 72 days time period. REALLY!!!!!!

Here is my opinion on homosexuality, I believe it’s an issue that  is exaggerated among people and the media. To report about people and parties bickering on the issue,  it is the media sweet wet dream for ratings. I feel whatever a person does in the privacy of  their home is their business and whatever higher source they believe in. In the end of the day, we will all be judged on the same playing field according to our actions done here on earth. So why judge and cast them out? You should embrace them, encourage them and more importantly pray for them.  We have all fallen short and did some things in our past that we are not proud of. I will say this when you are pointing the finger at the person or even the president remember you have three fingers pointing back at you. Respect the person and their decision on living outside the norm because that is someone daughter, son, brother, or sister  . As Christians, we need to show more compassion and less protesting action. They are living in unfair  world where they are under scrutiny everyday. I say this if you don’t like my opinion on homosexuality, my response is ” Ye who is without sin cast the first stone. I ‘m waiting “……(Drops the mic. Exit stage left)

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How To Recover After A Storm…


Recover—– To regain the strength, composure, balance or the like of (oneself) as defined by dictionary.com

I have heard that life is not a crystal stair. This line taken from the  poem written by one of the influential writers in history Langston Hughes sums up the trials we go through in life. We live our lives daily trying to make it to the next day.  None of us are prepared for the unexpected bumps in the road or storms. What is a storm? A storm is a disturbance of the normal condition of the atmosphere manifesting itself by winds of unusual force or direction as defined by dictionary.com. We have norms in our life that we live by everyday. When something unexpected happens, it really disturbs  the natural balance  in our life. What is there to do? How do you prepare for the unexpected? The answer is….. there is nothing you can do to prepare for the unexpected but there are ways to sustain yourself during the unexpected.

1. Realize that all storms are temporary.

I know this statement sounds a bit redundant but it is true. Have you ever known thunderstorm to last 365 days? If so please tell me…. When you are going through a storm, whether it’s a break-up, job loss, death of a family member or mental distortion, you have to remember this time is only temporary. The view may seem grim but the ride is short.   Sure, when you are going through, you think I cannot ever recover from this or you say to yourself what did I do to deserve this. You didn’t do anything and yes, you can recover from it.  The storm is there only to bring out the best in you.  Although, the wind is blowing and the lighting is flashing remember you having everything inside of you to defeat it. It’s ok to cry, grieve and get mad but after you do remember there is a battle you have to fight.

2. Learn to walk in the rain

When I was in the military, we used to run in the rain. Our drill Sargent would say to us ” If it is not raining, we ain’t training.” At that time, I could not gasp the concept but now I get a revitalizing feeling whenever I run or walk in the rain. Sounds Crazy??? The rain is needed on the earth to make plants grow. While you are going through your personal storm you can live and look good through it. Remember, the rain symbolizes growth so in this time you are growing into better person than you were before.

3. Evaluate your circles

As human beings , there is a deep desire to connect with others with the same background or ideas as us. We travel with circle of friends that stemmed from school, home or work. I like to classify  some of the people in my life as inner and outer circles. With my outer circle , these are people  are sometimes referred to as “associates” they could be business partners or classmates.  The inner circle is people whom I like to call my backbone. These people could write a whole book about me because they have stuck with me through the best of times and the worst of times. When you are going through a personal storm, you began to see who deserves to keep their place in your life. If you have someone who is willing to help you through the trenches  that person is a keeper. They usually are quiet  but can pray with you through the storm. The others will show their true colors once you are going through and they will be the first one to disappear in the first sign of danger. Those people you need to leave them alone and in the dust because they don’t deserve you. During the trying times, you will surely see which people are there to make you better and get rid of the ones who are there to kill your dream.

4. Find your place of peace

Finding your place of peace  is an easy mission to accomplish. Some people find their place of peace through prayer, meditation and reading of the scriptures. There is a sound peace in knowing there is someone greater than ourselves  who can handle the cares of the world. We can boldly go to them , tell them what is on our hearts and know that we are heard. Another way to find your place of peace is through the partaking in the arts such as listening to music, reading a book, drawing and writing. These outlets give our minds a break from all the commotion. It takes our mind to a peaceful place beyond our current surroundings. A change of scenery is another way to find your place of peace.  Getting away  or going out-of-town  always  brings a fresh renewal  to me.  You can take a long walk by the river or lake and just be still. This gets the mind  out of panic mode and forces it to relation mode.  Lastly, physical activity  can stimulate your mind as well as your body. Take a part of any physical activity  whether it’s dancing , exercising or playing sports. In the end, you will feel a sense of accomplishment from day to day.  To find your place of peace will help relieve the current stress and help focus on your next strategy.

Remember this, we all go through these storms or ills of life.  Yes, they are emotional , heartbreaking and stressful. In the end, you will be a better person than you were before. Take this time to focus on you and making yourself better for the next mission. Keep your eyes on the prize and never lose sight of your goal. After every storm, there is a rainbow and at end of  every rainbow there is a pot of gold. Make sure you find your pot of gold and hold on to it. What is that pot of gold? Hope for a brighter and richer future !

For Erica….