The Side Piece…… Is The New Relationship Ideal?

Today, the media and music makes many women believe that being the “side chick” is acceptable. From Being Mary Jane to our most celebrated side chick Olivia Pope, women think second best is better than being alone. Trust me, I rather be alone then play second to someone else. Before I dive into my story, let us define a side chick:

Side chick is a woman  who is the mistress or jump off for a man who is in a relationship.

There are legion of women who does not think they are the side chick.  Some women  feel like , “I am helping him through a difficult time” or ” I am doing things which better satisfies him at the moment.”  Don’t get it twisted men can be side pieces too but now let us focus on the women. I believe with glorifying the side chick in today society has put damper some women self-worth. It  has caused some women to settle for anything. In reality, we are more worth than our hips and thighs. We deserve respect . Remember, he will never ever leave his wife, baby mama, or girlfriend. If you are side chick, know your place at all times. Although, the chemistry between you and him may get intense; it is the same feeling you get when you are on  a roller coaster. We all know what that feeling is, it happens and then it is over. How things can get complicated for a side chick if she begins to feel more affection towards her dude. Then, we began to see the twitter posts, the instagram pictures and finally the facebook rants Now, you may have one of those special cases where side chick will get upgrade to main one. Don’t you forget if he pulled you from  the same situation please believe history will repeat itself. Who wants to live with that stress?

As I said earlier men can become side dudes too. Men seem to play it much cooler but you do have those special situations. *sips tea*

They know there is no chance in hell she would leave her man. She might leave him under special circumstances. Some side dudes not all know their role in her life. With a side dude, it is more like a stick and move situation. Men don’t like dealing with drama. Side dude come in finish the mission and leave.  They are the Ray Allen of the team. He is not the main player but he gets buckets. Don’t get it twisted men can get caught up too just like women. Those special circumstances side dudes can feel like I can take his place or worst off become her second husband. When this starts to happens, it is time girlfriend to exit stage left. Especially, if you are in committed relationship or even worse married. This person has nothing to lose but you do. No matter how good the sex is or if he just bought you the new designer bag. It is time to GO!!!!!  The best thing to do is get with someone who has as much to lose as do. Make sure they know the situation beforehand and stick strictly by the guidelines that are set in motion.  In the end, it is not cute to brag about being second best or having someone on the side that ‘s if you are in  committed relationship. For the single people, have fun because you are shopping around for perfect mate or the perfect bait *wink*

Just in case you don’t know if you are the side piece. Here are some signs…..

1. He/She calls you but you can’t call him.
2. You only go to certain places or don’t go out at all.
3. Never ever met the family.
4. Forget major holidays….your days start the day after.

In conclusion, I am not advocating to step out but we are human. We’re attracted to the forbidden fruit for the thrill of it. You don’t believe me. Remember ,when you were younger and your parents told you not to do something but you did for the hell of it. It is in our nature. Never settle for second best there are some men and women who looking for commitment. The problem is the waiting around for superman or wonder woman. Word of advice: Wait for true love to find you because it will better than being a side piece.

My mom always told me if a man wants to be with you, he will find any way to be with you.