&%*% Never Loved Us… Mistreatment of Veterans in America

Nigga never loved us Do it look like we stressin’? Look at you, look at you, and look at you, Ah – I’m glad that they chose us Command, it’s a mission, Trying to fight to the finish just to see ’em all finish



As I listen to Drake’s song Worst Behavior, he yells, “Motherfuckers never loved us.” He began to talk about his innocent beginnings on Degrassi to rap stardom. This particular line stuck with me. It is anthem for all people who has been ousted but still succeeded. I can relate to this song but more so I can relate this to the many men and women who have sacrificed time, money and even their lives to serve their countries. These men and women are your United States veterans.


For many of you reading my blog for the first time, I am proud veteran of the United States Army. I devoted my life for four years to this unique core. I joined like most teenagers for the college money and to find my own pathway in life. I thought the war in Iraq was a joke and even the president at time was even bigger joker. Nevertheless, I was proud to serve my country only with the expectation that my country will be willing to serve me. My husband, who is a combat engineer, did two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his time there, he has felt a lot pain due to being away from home and even losing a friend in battle. My husband still kept fighting because he vowed to so. So, I began to think about these great men and women who take the time to raise their hand to defend flag and serve their country. In return, they come home to unsuitable living conditions, the constant runaround from Veterans Affairs, and the ills of dealing with life after war. Our soldiers reach for a helping hand but there are few hands who will reach back.


Majority of the veterans come home to nothing. They have dealt with so much on the battlefield but still have to fight for basic human needs. Human needs such benefits, medical, housing and mental health. Lately, the Department of Veterans Affairs has failed our comrades every time. You can talk to any veteran and they will tell you the VA is a bad place to be. Why should these men and women fight for these benefits that are guaranteed? On the other hand, if the country is need for soldiers to fight for an unknown cause, we answer. This is unfair not only to veterans but their families. The families of veterans are dealing with the war too. They try to make their home and life suitable but cannot due lack of resources. Not only, you are hurting the veteran but the family is suffering too.


What is the problem? Where is all the money allotted to veterans? Yes, we want to honor them and say “Thank you for your service” every November. After the fanfare and all the bells and whistles are gone, we go back into our homes and live the life of luxury and forget what they fought for. Remember…… all the wars and the flag draped coffins we seen on TV. So, I charge our government taking money away from the military budget and cut your damn salary. If it was not for us, you would not have opportunity fight like a bunch of hens in a farmhouse.


For the Department of Veterans Affairs, stop giving our veterans the run around. Stop the fucking madness….It kills me to hear some of the stories about veterans dying at VA hospital or being evicted from their homes with nowhere to go. When these veterans come to apply for their benefits…. YOU BETTA HAVE THEIR MONEY WHEN THEY COME FOR IT LIKE ODB. Take care of them because this is what you are paid to do. Show them some respect and treat them like if that was your family member. I give credit to the people who are working at VA helping veterans. I applaud you but I am calling out the folks who come just to collect a check. HAVE SEVERAL SEATS and find a job at WALMART.


I don’t charge just VA. I take account every one of just who call ourselves Americans. Do not just sit back and shake your head whenever you see a homeless veteran. Help them out it us up us to help our own because the government are pussyfooting around. You be the change. You be catalyst of change for a veteran who feels like a refugee in their own country. Volunteer for a nonprofit organization to get our vets back on their feet. Donate your time, clothing and food to one who fought for you to give.


Military organizations, stop being social club just to gather and talk about old times. These young veterans need you to guide them into this new world. Don’t just be a standing organization but be an active organization within the community. VA cannot do this alone they need your help. These veterans are hurting and as I remember we should never leave a fallen comrade behind. Take charge and take care of our own not yesterday but right now. Churches, they need your help too. You are the hands and feet of God on earth. Your mission is save those who are hurting. Take time and pray with them. Trust me prayer goes a long way. Talk to them and become that spiritual light they need to deliver them shadows of darkness.


Some of fellow soldiers of mine died so we live in unstable society. Whenever we need them to put on the uniform, they go. They leave behind so much. Their families deal with so much. I know I am military wife and the tears I’ve cried could hydrate a football team for the rest of their lifetime. It pains me to see a veteran standing on the side of the road asking for help. It pains me to see a homeless veteran living out their car or in extended stay. They come home to nothing but grief and mental ills the battlefield has afflicted upon them. These are people not refugees. They are our own brothers and sisters. Honor your vets every day.


Let us fight to eliminate two words: Homeless Veteran

When it comes to how America treats our veterans, we are on our worst behavior.


Dedicated to Chad Young #foreveryoung


How To Recover After A Storm…


Recover—– To regain the strength, composure, balance or the like of (oneself) as defined by dictionary.com

I have heard that life is not a crystal stair. This line taken from the  poem written by one of the influential writers in history Langston Hughes sums up the trials we go through in life. We live our lives daily trying to make it to the next day.  None of us are prepared for the unexpected bumps in the road or storms. What is a storm? A storm is a disturbance of the normal condition of the atmosphere manifesting itself by winds of unusual force or direction as defined by dictionary.com. We have norms in our life that we live by everyday. When something unexpected happens, it really disturbs  the natural balance  in our life. What is there to do? How do you prepare for the unexpected? The answer is….. there is nothing you can do to prepare for the unexpected but there are ways to sustain yourself during the unexpected.

1. Realize that all storms are temporary.

I know this statement sounds a bit redundant but it is true. Have you ever known thunderstorm to last 365 days? If so please tell me…. When you are going through a storm, whether it’s a break-up, job loss, death of a family member or mental distortion, you have to remember this time is only temporary. The view may seem grim but the ride is short.   Sure, when you are going through, you think I cannot ever recover from this or you say to yourself what did I do to deserve this. You didn’t do anything and yes, you can recover from it.  The storm is there only to bring out the best in you.  Although, the wind is blowing and the lighting is flashing remember you having everything inside of you to defeat it. It’s ok to cry, grieve and get mad but after you do remember there is a battle you have to fight.

2. Learn to walk in the rain

When I was in the military, we used to run in the rain. Our drill Sargent would say to us ” If it is not raining, we ain’t training.” At that time, I could not gasp the concept but now I get a revitalizing feeling whenever I run or walk in the rain. Sounds Crazy??? The rain is needed on the earth to make plants grow. While you are going through your personal storm you can live and look good through it. Remember, the rain symbolizes growth so in this time you are growing into better person than you were before.

3. Evaluate your circles

As human beings , there is a deep desire to connect with others with the same background or ideas as us. We travel with circle of friends that stemmed from school, home or work. I like to classify  some of the people in my life as inner and outer circles. With my outer circle , these are people  are sometimes referred to as “associates” they could be business partners or classmates.  The inner circle is people whom I like to call my backbone. These people could write a whole book about me because they have stuck with me through the best of times and the worst of times. When you are going through a personal storm, you began to see who deserves to keep their place in your life. If you have someone who is willing to help you through the trenches  that person is a keeper. They usually are quiet  but can pray with you through the storm. The others will show their true colors once you are going through and they will be the first one to disappear in the first sign of danger. Those people you need to leave them alone and in the dust because they don’t deserve you. During the trying times, you will surely see which people are there to make you better and get rid of the ones who are there to kill your dream.

4. Find your place of peace

Finding your place of peace  is an easy mission to accomplish. Some people find their place of peace through prayer, meditation and reading of the scriptures. There is a sound peace in knowing there is someone greater than ourselves  who can handle the cares of the world. We can boldly go to them , tell them what is on our hearts and know that we are heard. Another way to find your place of peace is through the partaking in the arts such as listening to music, reading a book, drawing and writing. These outlets give our minds a break from all the commotion. It takes our mind to a peaceful place beyond our current surroundings. A change of scenery is another way to find your place of peace.  Getting away  or going out-of-town  always  brings a fresh renewal  to me.  You can take a long walk by the river or lake and just be still. This gets the mind  out of panic mode and forces it to relation mode.  Lastly, physical activity  can stimulate your mind as well as your body. Take a part of any physical activity  whether it’s dancing , exercising or playing sports. In the end, you will feel a sense of accomplishment from day to day.  To find your place of peace will help relieve the current stress and help focus on your next strategy.

Remember this, we all go through these storms or ills of life.  Yes, they are emotional , heartbreaking and stressful. In the end, you will be a better person than you were before. Take this time to focus on you and making yourself better for the next mission. Keep your eyes on the prize and never lose sight of your goal. After every storm, there is a rainbow and at end of  every rainbow there is a pot of gold. Make sure you find your pot of gold and hold on to it. What is that pot of gold? Hope for a brighter and richer future !

For Erica….