Salute Your Local Military Men and Women….Armed Forces Day!!!



This day is a special day for me. For those who don’t know, I served in the Army Reserve for years and my husband is an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran. All of my friends and family I know have served in some part of the military. I take holidays like Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Military spouses day very seriously. It takes a lot to put on uniform to serve and  to fight for the freedom that we take for granted sometimes. I know it’s sounds clique but it’s true. These people are away from their families most of the time and they still have to remain focus on the mission to come home safety. There are some soldiers we lost in the battle and some families are still reeling from that pain. So ask you today to salute your local solider and say thank you. In your private time, say a prayer for the families who lost loved in the war and pray for the ones who are still fighting.

I salute my fellow soldiers and I say keep marching on HOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!