Poetic Just Tee.


Poetic Just Tee is a page for all the poetry that I have written or wrote long time ago. Enjoy the personal side of me.  I started writing poetry around the early years of my life. I was inspired by one of favorite movies Poetic Justice. Since then, I have been writing as an outlet. There are poems about love, relationships, life struggles and everything under the sun. So enjoy another part of me.

Last Christmas

I was looking for a love in the wrong place in a man that has no intention in falling in love with me.

So, I stayed like a child who was lost in a mall, hoping for him to return my way.

My mentality was messy and loving you lead me to a dead end.

We were once lovers trying to become decent friends.

It is coldest holiday in the year and waiting here for you.

Until one day, unexpected turn in a familiar neighborhood led me back to a love lost long ago.

I am thinking to myself should go there again.

Because the words exchanged between me and him sealed our end.

As a look into his eyes, all of those feelings warmed my heart all over again.

It was always and will be him that has the special kind of magic to make my heart smile.

Although, we road acquired for us to take will not become an easy journey.

After everything, I still him like I always do.

This is last Christmas I will spend waiting on you.

I have found a love that loves me unconditionally.

He is the one with the most precious gift , which is my whole heart.

2Luv U Again?

It is so hard to love you.

You make it complicated to communicate to you.

How can we start over again when we never ended?

The choice was yours but clearly it was not me.

Here I stand at the place I left you years ago.

Go figure I find some small way to fall in love with you all over again.

My mind wants to believe you again. It’s clear again that we can never be lovers or even friends.

Why you need me now?

It is obvious I am not your number one but the woman who you took your vows.

So you want to fuck and forget? I could get down with that for a drunken minute but then why try to start something when you know how it is going to finsh.

Once, my ego sobers up it will remember the asshole you once were. I will wallow in fact you didn’t choose me but her.

What are my options? Stay here with you and continue to suffer alone while you lie to your mate about not coming home.

As I go through the constant cycle of getting high off your weekend supply, the fact remains true everything you say to is a lie.

Loving you, papa is an uphill for battle for me. My only choice for me is leave the shadows of us behind me.


(Dedicated to those who struggle)

I want to go to a place where my peace is solidified.

One day I can look in the mirror and love the image staring back at me.

I can face the world without the covering of makeup but reveal my natural beauty with confidence.

I want to live my life without drama and  medication that only promises temporary relief.

Fake friends will be no more and the joy of the ones I care for the most will unfold.

The many lies I tell myself will be replaced encouraging thoughts to push towards my building legacy.

Prayers will become a  priority instead of a desperate cries unto the Lord when things don’t go my way.

I will get up in morning and tell him thank you ;not even knowing what I am going to face today.

My soul can fly free and I can become whole.

No longer I will let people or situations take pieces of my identity.

I don’t want people to praise Tiffany but glorify the God that lives in me.

No longer nightmares of  past will keep me restless throughout the night.

I can rest in the fact the my heavenly father will guide to the everlasting light.

All soul tides are broken and I can finally experience real and pure love.

I pray God will heal me from my past and give me the serenity to last for a lifetime.

Until then, I will go forward  in my journey each day knowing…..

Tiffany is constantly changing.

What I lost then cannot amount for treasures I will gain.


For the good times we shared.

For the times I cared

I raise my glass to the past and the promises you made can kiss my ass.

You were important to me to say the least.

Who would have thought a single act of abrasive betrayal could end the title of us being lovers as well as friends.

Our ways are no longer the same ever since that cold fall day, you changed.

Your twisted heart and colorful lies remain the same.

Everything was all my fault when you were the cause of it all.

Just because I didn’t live up your standards.

I was too much of a good thing that you obviously could not handle.

I kept asking myself why won’t he love me.

The answer was you were in my life for a seasonal period of time so we were not meant to be.

I can’t keep forgetting the tear stain pillow that sit in bedroom at night while you are on phone with me telling those all midnight lies.

How dare you treat me like this when I was good to you?

Then I realized it was not me but you were the damn fool.

So wallow in the distress that you made and bath yourself in fantasy you created.

This is the day I depart from you in which I will always remember.

The day you broke my heart on the coldest night of September.

It was the love I had for you that left a bitter taste in mouth.

I am done just like gone with wind I am out.

Your weaken ego made the decision to pass me, a good woman, by.

Let’s see without me how long you can survive.

So Sir, I raise my glass to you tonight

For the pain you cause will come back and destroy your natural high.


—–Written By Tiffany Harris


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