Be Grateful

Be Grateful:

Here is a quick video I did yesterday.  I wanted to encourage people during any struggle. My prayer is that it will help some one along the way.



“A Bang For Your Beauty”–Spring Edition

Spring time is almost here. You can feel it in the air. You know what time it is? It is time to break out that cute dress, get your fancy pedicures and show off those bright colors for the world to see. It is around this season we all try to unleash a pop of color in our lives. On my partial break from the blog world (due to horrible internet connection) I have discovered that some of the over- the- counter cosmetics brands are really stepping up their game. In fact, I find myself shopping more at my local drug store for cosmetics than the regular makeup counters. INTERESTING!!!. I ask myself why?
I have always been a MAC cosmetics girl since 2006. I thought the brand was fun and hip for a person like me. I was always super excited about the new colors and lines that would be featured at their station. There were times I could not walk to MAC counter and not buy anything. Since, the recession I have been experimenting with other brands. Now, I have not been a fan of over-the-counter cosmetics brands at all. My thoughts were they only supported a certain type of skin complexions and not cover all complexions for women of color. I thought the eye shadow colors were dull and boring so I didn’t bother to buy. Until, one day I kept seeing commercials about Maybelline Cosmetics FitMe. As the model kept saying, “Don’t find me, fit me. “ I thought this is interesting let me give  Fitme a try. My personal preference for  makeup to enhance my natural beauty and not cover it up. So, I went to my local CVS pharmacy store and tried FitMe, from the moment I put it on I was in love. It made my skin glow. The shocking part was it was for a reasonable price. So, I began my journey of seeing what other products may tickle my fancy.
As I began on my journey, I found other cosmetic lines such as milani, nyx and wetnwild cosmetics. They had colors that made me look beautiful and runway chic. These products were under 10.00. PLUS, I can use my coupons and save more money. SIMPLY AMAZING!!! So, I had to share it with my personal friends and followers on social media about my findings. Each chance I get, I try new products that can be found at your local drug store and give my review. I call “Bang For Your Beauty” which plays on the phrase “more bang for your buck.”


Here is the breakdown of what I have on:
Face: Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder (coconut)
• Love the brand. The range of colors was limited for women of color.
• Gives a great finish without the powder residue.
• Great for daytime wear but you must use a moisturizer or primer.
Eyes: wetnwildcosmetics color palette poster child by Fergie
• Bright color palette for spring.
• Gives a MAC vibe as far as the brightness of the eye shadows.
• Must use a white eye shadow primer (NYX jumbo eye pencil (Milk) in order for the colors to show.
Cheeks: NYX cosmetics baked blush color: ignite/passion
• Gives a sun-kissed glow to your cheeks
• Can be hard to see at times.
• It has a dual use as a bronzer and highlighter.
Lips: Sephora rouge shine
• It is only Sephora brand.
• Gives the combination of a lipstick and lip-gloss (no gloss needed)
• Great for daytime look and night time look with a smokey eye.



BONUS: This is my favorite lipstick by WetnWild Cosmetics called “Pagan Angel”. Love It !!!!

People Living Near Oak Court Mall Concerned Over Recent Violent Crime

Shooting at Oak Court Mall in Memphis.

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(East Memphis) It wasn’t long after the shooting at Oak Court Mall Thursday that Memphis Police had suspects in custody less than a mile away.

Four of them were found in a white Lincoln Towncar at Goodlett and Tuckahoe just north of Poplar.

The area was sealed off, leaving people in the neighborhood concerned about their safety.

“They chased the suspects and it ended right here on our street on Tuckahoe, ” said Matt Robbins.

The scene was a disturbing one for Robbins and his family.

They live on Tuckahoe, just a few houses from where police had the white Lincoln pulled over and several persons in custody.

“We have small children and obviously it makes us really concerned about the safety of our family and our neighbors and people in the area,” said Robbins.

He said he’s concerned about the increased crime at Oak Court Mall and how it…

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Every Moment in your hands.

This song by Forever Jones keeps me encouraged on days when I feel down.

You’re in the midst of chaos.
Hiding me beneath your feathers.
You will keep my heart from failing.
Every moment in your hands.

I encourage you to read my most recent post: Fighting Beyond The Cause.

Read and Share it with someone else.

Fighting Beyond The Cause


It was October 6, 2013. I have finally turned 29 after accepting the fact I am on the brink of approaching 30 years old. After a long night of partying with my best friends, I decided to spend the day with my family. I really wanted my mom to be there and she was. It was a Sunday and the sun was shining down as Dallas plays the Denver broncos. My mom, Ollie, was so full of life fussing at me as always. She hated the Dallas cowboys so there were a lot of trash talking. Yes, spending time with my family on that day, it was happy beginning for me. I was ready to embrace 29 and everything that comes with it. On an early Monday morning, I was not prepared for the curve ball that life had to throw at me.
5:50 a.m. I was lying in my bed when my phone rings. I knew right then something was not right. My dad called and said he was taking my mom to hospital. My heart immediately dropped to floor and my body became numb all over. I was sick lying in bed. So, I gather my thoughts and went to the hospital. I got there when doctor just diagnosed my mother. As I came into the dark room, the doctor looked at me and said, “Do you have any questions?”. I stand there puzzled and asked him what questions. The doctor look at me and said, “ She has breast cancer.” I stood there in shocked like a bomb went off. I heard nothing but silence. My life after that statement will never be same. While my sisters were gone, I sat by my mother’s bedside and cried. I reflected on all things I could have done and what I should have done. My mom assured me not worry but put it all in God’s hands.
I sat at the hospital with my family stunned as I texted friends about the shocking news. Breast Cancer!!! This cannot be real. Why is this happening to me? Why God ? Why my mom? I found this news ironic because each year in October I fully support the American Cancer Society Making Strides against breast cancer effort. I was strong supporter and got my friends involved in the cause. Now, Here I am experiencing what I have fought for years. This could not be happening to me. So, I withdrew from a lot things because I felt that my mother’s health was more important. Many people felt sorry for me and said that they will pray for me. Sometimes, I wonder do they really mean that or are they just saying to sound supportive? We went the through the surgeries and hospitalizations and let me tell you it was rough. There nights I cried over and over again. I wanted my mommy back again. As I visited her, I saw firsthand the effects of breast cancer. She starting to become thin and her body was weaken It was grim yet an eye-opening experience. Where was this vibrant woman who could sing and yell at the top of her lungs? Where is my mom? This disease was real. I thought all this money for a cure and there still is no cure what the hell. This is so unfair.
Then, I became mad. How is the possibly God’s will? Breast Cancer? I can be honest. I haven’t prayed in awhile because I don’t know what to say at this point. There was time when me and my mom was in the doctor’s office and she asked me to pray. I could not form a prayer because I was conflicted in my spirit. I had a lot questions to ask God and all of them started with Why? I had sleepless nights and silent rides along thinking. On the other hand, I am thankful to have friends who have supported me. Not the fair-weather friends but friends who called and prayed for me. There were some who even encouraged me along the way.
Currently, I know what is going on with my mom. She has stage 4 breast cancer. I have to say this is a true test of faith. I feel that God is trying to make me trust him a little bit more. I still have questions. Even though, my questions go unanswered the fight is on. We are going to beat this. My family and I have been through worst but this time we need lift our eyes to hills for which comes our help. Through the process of the journey, I have learned some lessons.
1. Let it Go
Sometimes, we go through a lot of things we tend to hold on to things in the past. We are not bind by past but past does bind us from our future. When situations seem too hard to handle turn it over to God or a high power to help you through it. Leave your baggage at the emotional baggage claim so you can be ready for takeoff.

2. Have a support group not a pity party.
During tough times, you need a good group of friends who are there to support you. You don’t need people to remind you that you are in a storm. You need someone to hold you up when you are falling down. This group of friends will call on you when you don’t feel like being bothered. They are cheerleaders in the stand cheering for you during last quarter.

3. Trust in God(higher power)
It is self-explanatory. We are human not superhuman. We are going to cry, breakdown and get mad. You have to trust in God that he will see you through and ask for peace through the journey.

I can’t say I am the strongest person in world. I get weak sometimes and have plenty of sleepless nights. I know my mom is fighter and raised us to be strong no matter what. I encourage people to pray and find a cure for breast cancer. We are losing too many mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers and friends to this disease. Don’t wave the pink flag during October but fight alongside the families every day. We need your help. I hope in the five years we don’t keep saying “find a cure”. I want us to say “we got the cure.” So, as I go into the fight with my eyes wide shut, I am not only fighting for my mom but fighting for me, Tiffany.

#ipink for a cure!!!

I Can’t Help It… My Tribute to My MJJ

Looking In My Mirror
Took Me By Surprise
I Can’t Help But See You
Running Often Through My Mind

I have always loved the man, music and being of Michael Joseph Jackson. The first time I can remember seeing him was when I was four years old. I have always been a music baby that used to sit in front my grandmother’s television watching MTV from sunrise to sunset. There I saw man dressed in silver and black performing in front of thousands of people of all races and backgrounds. They were screaming in admiration for this one man. When I saw him performed, it was pure magic and I was spellbound from then on. He was beautiful human being who had talent that supersedes anything else. I was truly in love with a man named Michael Joseph Jackson. To me, he was always my mjj even though he belong to whomever he was still my mjj. He was the iconic figure I grew up with. Every time I saw him, it was my moment in time that was frozen for me. My favorite song by MJJ is and forever will be, “Rock With You.” This song puts me in moment where it is just me and him jamming away on a smooth beat. My MJJ went through a lot of scrutiny about his lifestyle but still it did not change my mind about him. Even though the media tries to tear him down, he rose again like a phoenix out of the ashes. He made is stake as the greatest entertainer that ever lived. He broke records and barriers so the artists we look up to today can become more than R&B sensation but a crossover success. My MJJ left big shoes and standards for upcoming artists who are trying to make it in music business. He taught us that it takes hard work to become the greatest. You have to have passion to love what you do. You have to be a sincere student of music to understand how music make people feel a certain way. Michael was a shooting star for everyone to witness its glimmer. One day, this star had to return to the heavenly skies. The day he died, I felt a part of childhood died along with him. I rooting for him to make an epic comeback for my daughter to witness a great man he was. He was an angel walking on earth only here to impact and entertain. Each year, I shed a single tear because my MJJ is not here. I dry my eyes and smile because he lives on every time I play his music. He comes alive again. I smile and realize my MJJ has not left me. He lives on deep in my heart. Happy Birthday my MJJ and I will remember what you said in one of your songs that keeps me smiling…..
And when the groove
Is dead and gone, yeah
You know that love survives
So we can rock forever on

I will keep rocking with you forever and ever.
Love Always