What is the O.M.G. Project?


There’s a time in your life when you find who you are
That’s the golden time of day.

Frankie Beverly and Maze, Golden Time of Day , 1978

What is the O.M.G. project about?  The O.M.G. project is a blog where I discuss an array of topics with a double shot of “telling it like it is”. These topics could cover anywhere from entertainment, politics and fashion or whatever is interesting in world. I feel now in the social media driven society the power to express yourself is open to any person with internet access and something to say. There are a lot of bias and unbiased opinions floating around in the social media atmosphere. People are saying whatever come in their mind no matter how true or hurtful it seems. Every one is entitled to have an option just like everyone is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness right? I decided to offer my opinion on particular topics and welcome anyone to share their ideas with me. I believe we all humans and not perfect at all. You are open to express agree or disagree with me because every thing I believe is learning to make ourselves better.

To know me is to love me is something that I always say. I am Tiffany Renee’ and it is my pleasure to be your tour guide through the colorful thoughts I share with you. Tiffany Renee’ is a southern girl who was born and raised in the heart of Soulsville capital Memphis. I’ve seen the good, the bad and completely disgusting in my life. It is the reason why I have ” telling like it is” attitude because the truth will hurt and set you free. At the end, it is just me no matter what I say; I have nothing but love for you.  My background is journalism over five plus years so I am sometimes “key word sometimes” sympathetic towards the media. I love good music of all types which will be expressed in my page The Classic Cut of the Day. Also, I am into fashion and makeup which is about 50 percent of life. My goal is to inspire people that is good to be yourself no matter how you express it.  At the end of day, I am simple southern girl who  like to shares her stories to the world.

Now you ask why is your blog titled the O.M.G. project? At first, the blog was title was shooting from the hip which is a southern phrase. Recently, I decided to dedicated this blog to  my mother, Ollie Mae Guy which are her initials. My mom was inspirational to me through my life even though we did not have the best relationship for the past couple years. She pushed to become the best in everything I do. My mother was central person that people would come to for advice and she would give it with no filter.  Unfortunately, on April 4, 2014 my mother passed away from her tough battle of breast cancer. I was with her every step of way and taught me how to fight and face adversity looking at it dead in the eye.

Once again, I invite you to come share my world as we go through this thing called LIFE…


2 thoughts on “What is the O.M.G. Project?

  1. Hello Tee-Tee, i like your blog and appreciate all your thoughts here….I’m actually just starting to write things about social media, i got huge interest on it. Honestly, itll be great for me if i can talk u to somehow. I think i can learn something from u 🙂 Cheers – Sharon.

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