“A Bang For Your Beauty”–Spring Edition

Spring time is almost here. You can feel it in the air. You know what time it is? It is time to break out that cute dress, get your fancy pedicures and show off those bright colors for the world to see. It is around this season we all try to unleash a pop of color in our lives. On my partial break from the blog world (due to horrible internet connection) I have discovered that some of the over- the- counter cosmetics brands are really stepping up their game. In fact, I find myself shopping more at my local drug store for cosmetics than the regular makeup counters. INTERESTING!!!. I ask myself why?
I have always been a MAC cosmetics girl since 2006. I thought the brand was fun and hip for a person like me. I was always super excited about the new colors and lines that would be featured at their station. There were times I could not walk to MAC counter and not buy anything. Since, the recession I have been experimenting with other brands. Now, I have not been a fan of over-the-counter cosmetics brands at all. My thoughts were they only supported a certain type of skin complexions and not cover all complexions for women of color. I thought the eye shadow colors were dull and boring so I didn’t bother to buy. Until, one day I kept seeing commercials about Maybelline Cosmetics FitMe. As the model kept saying, “Don’t find me, fit me. “ I thought this is interesting let me give  Fitme a try. My personal preference for  makeup to enhance my natural beauty and not cover it up. So, I went to my local CVS pharmacy store and tried FitMe, from the moment I put it on I was in love. It made my skin glow. The shocking part was it was for a reasonable price. So, I began my journey of seeing what other products may tickle my fancy.
As I began on my journey, I found other cosmetic lines such as milani, nyx and wetnwild cosmetics. They had colors that made me look beautiful and runway chic. These products were under 10.00. PLUS, I can use my coupons and save more money. SIMPLY AMAZING!!! So, I had to share it with my personal friends and followers on social media about my findings. Each chance I get, I try new products that can be found at your local drug store and give my review. I call “Bang For Your Beauty” which plays on the phrase “more bang for your buck.”


Here is the breakdown of what I have on:
Face: Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder (coconut)
• Love the brand. The range of colors was limited for women of color.
• Gives a great finish without the powder residue.
• Great for daytime wear but you must use a moisturizer or primer.
Eyes: wetnwildcosmetics color palette poster child by Fergie
• Bright color palette for spring.
• Gives a MAC vibe as far as the brightness of the eye shadows.
• Must use a white eye shadow primer (NYX jumbo eye pencil (Milk) in order for the colors to show.
Cheeks: NYX cosmetics baked blush color: ignite/passion
• Gives a sun-kissed glow to your cheeks
• Can be hard to see at times.
• It has a dual use as a bronzer and highlighter.
Lips: Sephora rouge shine
• It is only Sephora brand.
• Gives the combination of a lipstick and lip-gloss (no gloss needed)
• Great for daytime look and night time look with a smokey eye.



BONUS: This is my favorite lipstick by WetnWild Cosmetics called “Pagan Angel”. Love It !!!!


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