I Can’t Help It… My Tribute to My MJJ

Looking In My Mirror
Took Me By Surprise
I Can’t Help But See You
Running Often Through My Mind

I have always loved the man, music and being of Michael Joseph Jackson. The first time I can remember seeing him was when I was four years old. I have always been a music baby that used to sit in front my grandmother’s television watching MTV from sunrise to sunset. There I saw man dressed in silver and black performing in front of thousands of people of all races and backgrounds. They were screaming in admiration for this one man. When I saw him performed, it was pure magic and I was spellbound from then on. He was beautiful human being who had talent that supersedes anything else. I was truly in love with a man named Michael Joseph Jackson. To me, he was always my mjj even though he belong to whomever he was still my mjj. He was the iconic figure I grew up with. Every time I saw him, it was my moment in time that was frozen for me. My favorite song by MJJ is and forever will be, “Rock With You.” This song puts me in moment where it is just me and him jamming away on a smooth beat. My MJJ went through a lot of scrutiny about his lifestyle but still it did not change my mind about him. Even though the media tries to tear him down, he rose again like a phoenix out of the ashes. He made is stake as the greatest entertainer that ever lived. He broke records and barriers so the artists we look up to today can become more than R&B sensation but a crossover success. My MJJ left big shoes and standards for upcoming artists who are trying to make it in music business. He taught us that it takes hard work to become the greatest. You have to have passion to love what you do. You have to be a sincere student of music to understand how music make people feel a certain way. Michael was a shooting star for everyone to witness its glimmer. One day, this star had to return to the heavenly skies. The day he died, I felt a part of childhood died along with him. I rooting for him to make an epic comeback for my daughter to witness a great man he was. He was an angel walking on earth only here to impact and entertain. Each year, I shed a single tear because my MJJ is not here. I dry my eyes and smile because he lives on every time I play his music. He comes alive again. I smile and realize my MJJ has not left me. He lives on deep in my heart. Happy Birthday my MJJ and I will remember what you said in one of your songs that keeps me smiling…..
And when the groove
Is dead and gone, yeah
You know that love survives
So we can rock forever on

I will keep rocking with you forever and ever.
Love Always


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