Upgrade U….. #Instagramvids

Since yesterday,  I wrote a story about The Missed Education of Social Media  whereas I spoke  about how social media has strayed away from its orignal purpose. In my story, I gave accolades to Instagram on being nothing more than posting pictures. As of today, Instagram  has let the floods gates opened by adding video. Now, on instagram you can add a 15 second video about anything.  Iphone users can record and view videos. Android users can only view videos as of now. So, now everybody is about to record everything and I do mean everything. We are going to witness some twerking videos, fights, and  Instagram beefs. Who knows!!!!  My prediction is that instagram is going to turn into another world star hip site. (no offense)  We about see the real s#$t go viral. So, strap on your seatbelts because this ride is going to be beyond crazy.

Let the games began.

May the cards ever be in your favor dear.



2 thoughts on “Upgrade U….. #Instagramvids

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