Life After Whitney Part Two: Cissy Houston Speaks Out (Full Interview)


Next Chapter | Cissy Houston (FULL EPISODE) by Ashley_Miller_3

Last night, I was on high anticipation for the new season of Rupaul’s Drag Race. Since, I am a megafan of series, I was excited to see what the new queens had to offer. Before watching the new season, I decided to get on Instagram to look at some pictures. One of my followers mentioned about the Cissy Houston‘s interview with Oprah. I immediately had to reschedule my monday night television show lineup. This would be the first time since Cissy spoke publicly about her daughter’s death. As you know, the talent singer Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012 in California. Life After Whitney Cissy Houston is interviewed by the fabulous Oprah Winfrey on her OWN network. I have to give Oprah her props, she has proved OWN network can achieve high ratings.  Last week, she had Lance Armstrong to speak about his fall from grace as as result the interview was deemed as the most anticipated interview of the year. So, Oprah I ain’t mad at you. *fist bump*  I knew in my mind  this would be a very intensive interview. I have heard and witnessed on their reality show “Houstons: On Our Own”, Miss. Cissy doesn’t hold back any punches. She is straight old-school. ROUND ONE: FIGHT!!!!!!

The interview opens up with Cissy talking about the grieving process she experienced during the announcement of her daughter’s death. She said painfully with tears flowing down her face, “I was a wreck.”They would share a tender moment together and Whitney promised Cissy she would come see her after the Grammy Party thrown by her mentor Clive Davis.  We are shy away from a year  when  Whitney Houston left this earthly place only to return to her heavenly home. I can really tell  Cissy is taking it pretty hard. Her and Whitney were like the best of friends and shared a beautiful mother-daughter relationship. There are clips of her and Cissy singing together and pictures of them smiling. Whitney really adored her mother as well as Cissy adored Whitney. There were some things I noticed during the interview that came as a surprise to me.

1. Whitney’s relationship with former assistant Robin Crawford

There were rumors circulating about Whitney Houston and assistant/friend Robin Crawford having an intimate relationship. As her ex-husband Bobby Brown, admitted they were deeply involved before they got married. It is one of reasons why Whitney married Bobby  to divert the attention from the alleged lesbian lifestyle. Cissy spoke candidly about Robin describing her as “rude” and “disrespectful”. She admit that they were close but nothing too serious. In fact, Robin was the first person to tell Cissy about Whitney’s drug use.  In true Oprah style, she hit Cissy with the big gun question, ” Would you accept your daughter being gay?” Since, we know Cissy is Baptist and has a strong Christian deposition, I knew how she would respond with a resounding no. In fact, Miss. Cissy said, ” she would not allow it.” There are some critics who said Whitney was in love with Robin and the fact they had to separate is one of the reasons why she began entering into the drug scene.  Who knows what went behind close doors in Whitney’s life all we know is whatever happened then did not discredit her amazing talent.

2. Her relationship with Bobbi Kristina.

If you watched the reality show, Houstons: On Our Own which I think was a complete mess then you would see first hand how Bobbi Kristina treated her grandmother. First, Bobbi Kristina was  mad about Cissy writing a tell all book about her daughter, which it debuts today. As Bobbi Kristina said, she disapproves of her grandmother exposing the family secrets. Cissy describes her relationship with her granddaughter as iffy *hopefully I spelled it right*. They really haven’t spoken to each since the announcement of the book. Cissy once again with a strong deposition and would not tolerate some of the things Bobbi Kristina is doing. Cissy has an underlying fear to see her granddaughter go down the same path as her mother. Personally, It really boils my blood how Bobbi Kristina treats her grandmother. It is totally disrespectful and uncalled for. Cissy is the only person she has left besides her father. I know if Whitney was here to see this, she slap the piss out of her. I think Bobbi Kristina really to spend as much time with her grandmother before it’s too late. As I saw in Cissy’s eyes, she really do loves her granddaughter. As for granddaughter, she spend time and soak up as much wisdom as possible maybe it will open her eyes to current surroundings with you know who *side eye*

3. Bobby Brown is what Cissy don’t like!!!!!

Of course in any interview regarding Whitney, Bobby Brown has to be thrown into the mix. Miss.Cissy did not hold back her tongue on Mr.Brown. When asked by Oprah, “Does she like Bobby Brown?” She replied, “No.” I think she really wanted to say was “Hell to the no.”  Cissy told Oprah she did not want her daughter to marry him. We all knew about Cissy’s feelings towards Bobby Brown. On the brighter side, she is willing to speak with him. I wonder how that conversation will go.  I guess why Cissy did not like him because she foreseen he would bring out the worst in her. You have to admit Whitney Houston with Bobby Brown gave her some street credit. When the pop star burst into music scene crossing over dramatically, a lot of African-Americans did not accept her because she was not “black enough.” In fact, Cissy mentioned she was booed at Soul Train Music awards by her peers and Whitney cried backstage. Although, their relationship was the butt of everybody’s jokes, I think deep down inside past the drugs and craziness they loved each other. It does not change the fact Cissy was throwing major shade at Bobby.

4. The identity is revealed who started Whitney on drugs.

Everybody suspected Bobby Brown started Whitney on drugs but all was revealed on this interview who started her  cocaine spree. Michael Houston, Whitney’s brother, admitted he started her on freebasing backing the 80s when she was really big. Michael and Whitney were close and he told Oprah she called him “Son”. As I look at Michael, you can tell he has a mountain guilt for introducing his little sister to cocaine. He made a bold opening statement to Oprah when she asked him how are you feeling. He replied, ” I am living but not alive.” Even though, he felt guilty even his own sister Whitney reassured him that the choices she made was hers not influence by him. I am glad he was strong enough to admit it and now everybody can stop blaming Bobby for everything. I see Michael has a lot of healing to do but first he has to drop the weight of him being the cause of his sister’s demise. The choice was for her to make and not guilt for him  to take.

5. Cissy gets on Oprah.

Like I said earlier, Cissy was not holding back any punches. She had a few choice words for Oprah. Cissy admitted to Oprah she did not like her interview with Patricia and Bobbi Kristina three months after Whitney’s death. The reason is Cissy felt it was too soon for her family to talk about passing of Whitney. She chastised Pat for claiming to be ” protector” and not actually protecting Bobbi Kristina. When Cissy laid it on Oprah, you can tell in Oprah’s eyes there was guilt for doing that interview. At the time of the interview, Oprah was pressured by outside executives to make her own network station relevant. Sometimes, you have to understand in the business of journalism, people are pressured by outside forces to do some things that are ethically wrong in order to obtain the dollar bill. I am sure Oprah learned her lesson because Cissy taught it.

“You and Me against the world.” Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the interview was really touching to me. Cissy really misses her daughter and all of us can feel her ailing pain of losing a loved one. I saw in Cissy’s demeanor she is fully prepared to be with her daughter again in the friendly skies. I am very interested in reading her book about Whitney. She wrote this book in order to help with the grieving process. She reassured us this book is about the Whitney she knew. I believe all of her fans would really appreciate this book she wrote as a loving tribute to her only daughter. Rest on Whitney… please rest on 🙂

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    Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing voices on this earth. Although, her passing still pains us but we will always love her. Whitney Houston was more than a singer but a legend in time. Happy Birthday Nippy.

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