Evelyn Lozada…….Stripped

After the highly publicized marriage of Evelyn Lozada and NFL player/diva Chad Johnson or Ochocinco, people wondered if this marriage was nothing more than a publicity stunt.  We all know Evelyn as the bad ass Latina and former basketball wife that was jumping on tables and throwing bottles. She let the world know that she had it going on. To some of the people who did not respect it, she considered you “A NON MOTHER******* FACTOR!!” In the public eye, it seems like Ev did had it going on. She had a major book deal with Cash Money Records, her own cosmetics line and her own reality show.  Until one day, her picture- perfect- painted life became a gruesome reality just three weeks after their marriage.

Evelyn decided to do an in-depth evaluation with one of my favorite authors and motivational speaker Iyanla Vanzant . Personally, I have been a fan of Iyanla before she had a show. At first, I wanted to watch the interview just to plain noisy just like everybody else. Since the news broke about her and Chad’s fight, Ev has cancelled all her public appearances. My first thought was she is holding back for something bigger like…….going on Oprah perhaps. In my mind, I thought Ev was like the rest of these money hungry players’ wives looking for major publicity to gain some change. I had to watch it to judge and see was she for real or this entire PR painted ploy *coughs like Rihanna’s first interview*. So I watched as this woman came clean about her life, family and public image. Iyanna had her reading glasses out and was reading Miss. Evelyn from top to bottom. She named her at one point of the interview as a “thug among women.” As I was watching the interview, I was analyzing her body language, tears and how she addressed some questions. After careful evaluation, I realized Evelyn is a work in progress. I do applaud her on admitting that she married Chad for the wrong reasons and ignored all the signs before. Some women don’t admit it. They just go along with the flow of things because they don’t want to lose this lifestyle. I saw she was afraid of losing everything again because she has fear of having nothing. What can you do when you are pressured of keeping a loathing image only just to make money and be successful? What profits man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? She is not the only one that playing up a stereotypical image to just make money. There are many others who wear the mask to hide the pain they are suffering inside only to gain fame. Fame within itself is a dangerous drug that will take your life.   I wonder why some people cannot accept who they really are. God made you this way for a purpose why alter it? When you discover who you are and really love yourself, there is such a joy and peace that comes with which money cannot buy. In the end, I think Evelyn has to address plenty of issues in her own personal life, come to terms of the damage she caused and be prepared to accept the tedious process of reinventing her life. I’ll watch to see if she will emerge as beautiful butterfly or stay trapped lavish money making cocoon. Watch the interview and tell me what you think?????




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