Cable Lockout : The Stand-off between DirectTv and Viacom

I was awaken this morning to the disappointing moans of my little girl wondering why Spongebob squarepants is not on the air but instead some strange guy whom she had never seen before talking about plain rubbish. As she came into my room and said, ” Mom some white guy on the tv took spongebob away. We should have called that number.” Although, she is too young to understand the mediocre of the conglomerate media world. She just want to know who took away her favorite shows.

DirectTV has been one of the most leading satellite television companies that gives you more bang for your buck. They have put together this elaborate PR campaign talking about how you can get more channels than Dish network.  At first, we were with Comcast who later became Xfinity. I thought this would be a great venture for my family since they have all of the kiddie television shows that my daughter could enjoy. Rarely, I watch television since every time you turn around some one is coming out with some reality show. To me it seem television media has lost its essence and relevant content. Let me get off my soapbox!! I was the first to know about this media storm on a late Monday night while I was watching the recap of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. There was message like please call DirectTV to keep these channels.  In my mind, I called it a bluff… like here we go again with the scare tactics.  Then, my daughter ,who basically watch all her shows on Nickelodeon, comes to me crying saying we need to call this number to keep her shows on. I felt this was a time for some action so I called. As expected, I got pre-recorded statement saying that they are resolving the issue and to go on their website for more information.

As a journalist, I had to investigate both sides of the story in order to save Spongebob Squarepants and receive the accolades from my daughter. ( At least I think I could *put on the supermom cape*). I went to the DirectTV ‘s website to read their statement. From a PR standpoint, I wanted to know what strategies and tactics they had in mind. Right now they have pissed off a lot of people. DirectTv approach was that Viacom company is trying to up their customer’s bill by 30% for their channels. They tried to negotiate a deal with them to keep the channels from shutting down. Their approach was to raise awareness to their customers about the scare tactics of this big scary mean jolly green giant trying to impose unfair pricing  on common people. So, DirectTv is trying to work effortlessly on the customer’s behalf.  Now, here is Viacom stance, they are saying that DirectTv didn’t want to negotiate anything with them and they are trying to take these channels away. They took a stance of letting  the people take action and increase participation in the fight against the greedy slimy satellite company. Viacom took the big boy approach and reached out the airwaves and social media with constant messages.  So now as customer who do you believe?

In my opinion, I think both sides are playing the blame game and arguing like little children. What I think it is utterly heartless is letting the customers who work hard for their money to be caught up this media hellfire battle. Why should we suffer at the hands of greedy people who can’t make up their minds….ahh America! Just like the NBA and NFL lockout both sides could not come to agreement for nothing as a result they had the fans enjoying half -season of their favorite leisure sports. What a flipping rip-off… Every body wants to chase the almighty dollar but some times chasing paper can cause serious backlash for any company. You lose loyal customers who spend their hard earn money in a recession just to make the big guns up top live beyond their means. People are tired of lies and deceitful practices. They want to truth and answers now.  Before you know it, most people are not going use these companies anymore but instead they will start  viewing their shows online. Thanks Netflix and Hulu 🙂 I just think both sides need to come to a reasonable agreement before it’s too late. After this media storm is over, they better have a very solid PR campaign or they will lose the trust and loyalty of all their consumers. In this recession, loyalty marketing means everything… So you guys play nice or ELSE!!!!!!



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