Da Jam For The Day 6/7/12

Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson!!!!!


Yes, today is the purple one birthday today. It seems like this man never age a bit. He still looks the same as he did 1984. What is his secret??? Anyways, Prince is one of the most talented musicians that ever walked the face of this earth. He set the trend for the artists to express themselves however they feel. Can I tell you this man album collection is constantly growing. He is responsible for so many people careers such as Sheila E, Sheena Easton,  and The time. Hopefully, I didn’t leave anyone out. The song I chose today was off his Emancipation album called “Somebody’s Somebody“. I like this song because it’s a slow jam cut about someone who is lonely  and he just want to belong to someone for one night. Have you ever been in that situation before? Prince’s vocals over the track is really nice and I can’t forget the guitar solo at the end. On this day, I ask you to put your lighters up and sing along with me… PURPLE RAIN PURPLE RAIN PURPLE RAIN.  Enjoy my pick for jam of the day!!!!


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