Da Jam For The Day 6/5/12



Morris Day and The Time was the Minneapolis funk band that produced a string of classic hits that makes up want to get it up every time.  This has been to me one of the tightest bands out here. They had nothing but superstars on their team. Morris Day the eloquent fashion icon on lead, the funky drummer Jellybean Johnson, Jimmy Jam the hit maker to the stars on keyboards, Monte Moir on keyboards, and lastly another hit maker to the stars Terry Lewis on bass. They were the brain child of the music icon Prince and they toured with him before breaking out on their own. They were in one of my favorite movies of all time Purple Rain where they performed The Bird and Jungle Love .  They band continued performing after Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis became the hit making producers to the biggest stars in music. I’m happy to know that the original Time with Jam and Lewis are touring today. In fact, they performed last year at the Essence Music Festival. There are more songs I like such as Cool, Gigolos Get Lonely Too, Jerk Out, Oak Tree, and my fake number I gave out 777-9311 .  The two songs that are featured today need no introduction once you hear the beat , you will be off your feet.  If you know to do The Bird, don’t be afraid to get up off your seat!!!



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