Life After Whitney


The Initial Shock

On Saturday, February 11, 2012 I was leaving my sister’s  house when I received an Associated Press notification on my iPhone. At first, I had ignored because I have gotten tired of hearing who won what state. Finally, I decided to look at the notification and got the shock of my night. AP reported, Whitney Houston died at the age of 48. I was appalled and full of emotion. It seemed like a bad dream just like when Michael Jackson died. Of course there where people who automatically claimed she died of the addiction to drugs especially cocaine.  Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Bobby Brown, was performing across my state line in Mississippi with his group New Edition. Every media outlet was trying to get Bobby’s reaction to his ex-wife death. Brown was shaken by his wife’s death but like a soldier he continued to performed. At the end of his set, he pointed to the sky and said, “I Love You.” All across the social media world, fans poured their hearts out about Whitney.  This could not come at worse time because the Grammys  was the following day. Whitney was found dead  in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. She was getting ready to do some projects and attend Clive Davis‘s annual Grammy party. Clive Davis still had the party downstairs while Houston life-less body laid upstairs. The thought of them having party made me sick to my stomach. I thought how heartless but that’s the music industry they only care about the publicity and the dollar bill. Since, the death of Whitney , the public focused  their attention on the cause of death, the family, and the comeback that could have been. There is one fact that is undeniable she is the voice that inspired a whole new generation and can never be replaced…EVER!!!!

The Comeback

As her mentor, Clive Davis, stated at the funeral Whitney was poised for another comeback. She finished the production on the remake of the movie Sparkle with co-star Jordin Sparks . While filming the movie, many of her co-stars described Whitney as looking healthy and sounding like herself. She recorded a track along with Jordin Sparks for the movie called Celebrate. It is written by the R&B legend R. Kelly. The movie is due to come out in August 2012. I can’t wait to see it. There were a lot of things coming up for Whitney Houston before her untimely death. Simon Cowell was going to consider her as a judge for the X-factor which I think she would have done a lot better than Brittney(no shade) just my opinion. The day of her death, she was due to film an imformerical and to be interviewed by the producers of Behind the Music. All the fans were awaiting for the old full force Whitney Houston to come back and awe us once again. All we are left with  is her music, legacy and what could have been.

Houston Family & Bobbi Kristina

When I received the news about her death, my mind immediately thought about her mother and daughter. They were the loves of her life. They meant everything to her. Bobbi Kristina took her mother’s death the hardest out of everyone. She was hospitalized twice for stress and anxiety. After Whitney’s death , Cissy has not spoken to press about her daughter’s death.  She will appear on the reality show this fall  which will air on the Lifetime network.  The press shifted their attention on Bobbi Kristina and what she is doing.  There have been reports about her leaving from the funeral to allegedly go get high. I don’t believe that. The most recent report is she walked off the set of Tyler Perry‘s show For Better For Worse. Perry immediately came to her defense and stated she did not leave but stayed throughout the entire taping. Also, Perry urged the press to leave Bobbi Kristina alone and let her live her life. I agree with Perry about the media attacking Bobbi Kristina. She is young woman going through the lost of the only person she loved and looked up to. Don’t talk about her but pray for her.

Something about Pat Houston that makes you go hmmmmmm…….

There is something about Pat Houston that don’t sit well in my spirit *as the old folks would say*. It is my honest opinion. Pat is Whitney’s sister-in-law and manager and she was with her the night before her death. In Oprah’s interview, she gave an account on what happened the night they were out in the club. Apparently, she and Whitney were enjoying themselves in a LA club when they were confronted by a X-Factor contestant, which was later identified as Stacey Francis. Francis kept following them around as a result they became irritated and left the scene.  She said some things in the interview that really had me suspicious. What really disturb me was how she reacted at the time when Whitney was found dead. Pat kept saying she walked very slow and didn’t run. I’m like that is weird. Why would you react the way you did unless you knew something. Then, she ordered her brother, Whitney’s bodyguard, to stop resuscitation on her. It made wonder why would she do that. Did she know something else pertaining to Whitney’s death? Could this have been prevented? Pat will appear on the reality show but I will keep a close eye on her. In fact, I’ll keep my good eye on her because something in water ain’t right.


The Men In Her Life…. Bobby and Ray J

Immediately, people in the media  said that Bobby Brown was the reason for Whitney’s demise. Brown was labeled as the bad boy of R&B. From his conflicts with his band mates and police , he was known as a drug addict and a uncontrolable man. Brown in a recent interview with Matt Lauer said he is not to blame and he loves Whitney.  Brown has since cleaned up and prepared to make a comeback.  I have to say Bobby did  look very good now days. Now, all he has to do is rebuild his image and gain the public’s trust again. In spite of the negativity that surrounds Bobby Brown, he is still to me the tender roni and humping around Bobby. Let’s talk about Brandy’s brother oops I mean Ray J. Before Whitney’s death, they were dating. I found it odd since the sex tape and reality shows failed.  I thought to myself……. why in all hell is he with her?  They seem to me the extreme odd couple. Before they were dating, Ray J was irrelevant. Name the last good Ray J song you heard………… Don’t worry I’ll wait. After Whitney’s death there where Twitter rumors about him becoming a preacher. I’ll believe that when it happens. Pat did say she was looking for love in all wrong places when she referred to Ray J. In the end,  Ray J needs to lay low and work on reviving his career . Most of all stop riding Whitney’s coat-tail.

In conclusion, Whitney’s death did leave the music business shaken.  Her music has heavily influenced some of the major pop divas today. Through her passing,  we must learn how to not judge someone battling with a problem or addiction.  The person is not their problem so stop labeling them by that. He or she is still a human being that bleeds, cries and rejoices. Whitney Houston was the voice made your soul quiver on every note. I’m glad she is singing in the heavenly choir in front of the Greatest Love Of All.


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    • Well, I can explain being journalist the news papers are foundation that started it all. Now, I do agree in the age we live in they are starting to die out. The older generation still like to read their news and have something tangible. I do predict that a lot papers are going to go viral soon. Sometimes, I do pick up the newspaper but it much easier for me to get on the web. Thanks for asking.

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