Good Ol’ Days…..My Love and Adoration for African American Music Appreciation Month

I am a music head and will admit it proudly. I used to have to boom box with really big batteries and carried it around my neighborhood like Radio Raheem. If you go to my mom’s house, you will several upon several cassette tapes which I called them my mixtapes. Yes, I used to hang posters on my wall so many that you didn’t know if there was paint. Of course, I watch shows like Video Soul, Rap City, Yo MTV Raps, Video Box and my favorite Midnight Love. Also, I did  steal some of my cousin’s cds from Columbia House. I am certified music head. Music to me is an outlet to express your feelings and ideas. Just listening to song will express how I felt about a particular situation. This month is very special to me. It is Black Music Month or renamed by President Barack Obama as African-American Music Appreciation month. This month is when we take the time to honor musicians young and old ; who paved the way that our music is heard across the color lines. What I miss is the Good Ol’ Days where music meant something. We had girl and boy groups that really can blow. I miss buying an album whereas the whole album was good. I miss going to a concert where the artist sound the same as they did on the album. I miss when rappers used to really freestyle. What happened to essence to music now? Has became a soulless, cash making money scheme? Nowadays, I don’t really listen to radio now because they are playing the same songs by the same artists. What happened to the Quiet Storm  segment?

Now, my daughter has to look up to as far as music is Mindless Behavior and Nikki Minaj. That’s not right. We should school the young generation on what is really music. Let them hear some classic cuts and some songs that had been sampled *cough Kanye* . I urge you this African-American Music Appreciation Month is to take this music to back to roots.  I want you to educate your children on the pioneers of the music business that made a way for those who are on top now.  All I want is the Good Ol’ Days when music was uplifting and very special.



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