Da Jam For The Day 5/18 5/19

Sorry, I forgot to post the jam for the day yesterday… so I thought I would combine them for weekend. It’s the weekend baby. What you got planned????? This weekend is my hubby birthday so we going to have casual date night. We going to see battleship *side eye* I’m not too stoked to see it but review will come later. Enjoy these cuts to get your weekend started right.

Enjoy Patience 🙂

This is ultimate summertime theme song and it never gets old….Ever. It sampled from Kool and the gang. Summer madness cut. Will Smith now famous actor was the Fresh Prince when this jam came out. Will in the track serves as a storyteller letting you know what goes on during a typical summer day. Every time I play this song, it puts straight in mood for the summer.  If I could classify the song, it is LEANING TO SIDE YOU DON’T SPEED THROUGH TWO MILES AN HOUR SO EVERYBODY SEE YOU song.

This is when she was JLO. Jennifer Lopez was the fly girl who burst into the scene with her first album On the Six. I absolutely love this song. The song describes a typical good day and it can serves a song to get ready to go out with friends. I beat is very R&B fused with hip-hop. On the song it features Fat Joe and Big Pun (RIP) rapping. If I could classify this song… it is  GET READY TO HIT THE AFTERNOON WITH FRIENDS AND TEAR UP THE NIGHT song.


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