Da Jam For The Day

Have you ever heard a really good song and say, “THAT’S MY JAM”.  Da Jam for the day are songs that had our heads bopping and dancing.  I will feature something old, something new, something borrowed (*cough* Kanye) and something auto-tuned. Hopefully, it will help you get through day. If you would like to share some songs with me hit me up at pytee10@gmail.com and I will feature them under this section. Unitl then…Peace

Da Jam For The Day 5/16/2012

Michael McDonald—- I Keep Forgetting

If you heard the great hip-hop song “Regulators” by Nate Dogg and Warren G, this song was backbone to the classic track. I keep forgetting is a smooth R&B ballad sung by Michael McDonald who was once a part of the group the Doobie Brothers (google it). What I like about this song, the beat is so smooth and lyrics are amazing. McDonald’s voice over the track solidify it as hit. I would classify this song as the head bopping song while riding in your car with the top down. 


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