It’s the way I feel…….Introduction to me and my thoughts

Woke up and I got the feeling. Nobody’s gonna make it easy. Left out when I wanna be inside as it’s all going down.” Remy Shand “The Way I Feel”

What’s going on? Like the late great Marvin Gaye, I ask myself that question all the time. It seems like the world around me has changed. When I say changed, I mean people have lost their damn minds!!!! Ignorance is a deadly disease that is caught rapidly among mindless people. There is no such thing as morals, values, ethics, and cultural sensitivity anymore. It seems like everyone wants to pay attention to 

Reality Shows


Political Bickering…..

I don’t think who Kim Kardashian is screwing will help me lower my rate on my student loans. I feel like the media is only stirring the pot of insignificant ignorance to keep us medicated on total nonsense. Now, don’t get me wrong I love entertainment and all the things that come with it. But lately, what I am seeing across my television screen is NOT newsworthy. Just yesterday, I saw a ticker that reads, ” Russell Brand unfollowed his ex-wife Katy Perry on Twitter.” That’s not news and who cares?!

We do. We want to be sucked into the lives of celebrities and reality show stars because it’s entertaining.  In reality, they are only pawns  of a bigger machine that is powered by greedy execs whose only concern is the almighty mean green.

Are you not entertained?

I’m  speaking from personal experience because I was once that person who was mesmerized by the illusion of celebrity life. Until one faithful day, I realized there was nothing productive going on in my life. I was so entrapped by all the drama and lavish lifestyle of these people that I thought this was the new normal. In the end, it turned me into a drone. A mindless creature without no goals or aspirations for myself. I spent the past six years of college life to learn the right and ethic way to use media to inform, educate and express balance ideals. What I am seeing now is far from the books I read or studied. In this blog, I’m going to attempt to pull the layers ,debunked some learned attitudes and ideals projected through media. I am not going just focus on media but I am going to uncover everything. I welcome comments, critiques, and criticisms. Hopefully, in the end you will see that a mere perception of the fantasy has enabled us to become drones of a dark reality. 


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